I’ve Tested Dozens of Anti-Aging Firming Creams - Here Are 5 That Actually Work!

By Ella Davies
June 5, 2023

Are you exhausted from trying every anti-aging product out there, only to be disappointed with no visible results?

As a 52 year old beauty researcher and cosmetic innovations analyst, I've had countless people message me over the years complaining about wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, and how they've tried many different skincare products with no results.

Many of them are convinced that their only hope for tight, firm and youthful looking skin is to go under the needle.

However, that's definitely not the case.

Signs of skin ageing, especially wrinkles and sagging skin can be  treated with the right firming cream - often with just as effective results. 

Quality firming creams are packed with ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin production, offer hydration, help even skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know which products actually deliver on their promises. Not to mention trying them can get super expensive.

Over the years, I've tested dozens of Firming Creams and have found a few standout winners. So let me save you some time (and money) by sharing my top 5 picks below...

Effectiveness: A+
Price: $
All Natural Ingredients: Yes
Made in: Australia

The Bakuchiol Bliss Firming Cream by an Australian brand called DAYLI earns my number one choice, mainly because the results surpass all others. 

The Firming Cream doesn't contain any retinol like most anti-aging products. Instead, it contains a plant-based alternative called Bakuchiol which has been shown to have similar anti-aging properties as retinol, but without the irritating side effects.¹

Bakuchiol has been shown to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lightening the appearance of dark circles, and visibly brightening overall.² ³ 


After a few weeks of application, I observed noticeable firming and my wrinkles seemed less prominent. 

DAYLI earns my highest recommendation due to their clean and powerful plant-based formulations and the remarkable results it delivers.

DAYLI is also the only brand that offers discounted price for purchasing 2 or more Firming Creams so it ends up cheaper than all the other brands in my list too!

Effectiveness: A+
Price: $$$
All Natural Ingredients: No
Made in: France

Known as a cult classic in the world of high-end skincare, La Mer's signature cream is loved for its ultra-rich, deeply hydrating formula. It promises to smooth fine lines, shrink pores, and improve skin texture with regular use. 


I love its luxurious feel and with regular use, I saw my fine lines gradually diminish and my pores noticeably reduced in size, transforming my skin texture to a smoother, more even-toned appearance. However, Crème de la Mer comes with a hefty price tag, which may not be within everyone's budget. 


The cream does contain silicones and fragrance, which some might find a bit heavy, but it is free from parabens and phthalates. It's also a quite rich formulation, so it might not be ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

That's why this cream comes in a little lower on this list because, while it's a great choice, I've found that it produces similar results to DAYLI, but at a significantly higher cost.

Effectiveness: A+
Price: $$
All Natural Ingredients: No
Made in: France

Lancôme's Rénergie cream is famous for its potent peptide formulation, aiming to combat signs of ageing at the cellular level. It boosts collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin elasticity. 


I really appreciated its fast-absorbing texture and it gave my skin improved elasticity without leaving a greasy feel. 


However, I found its scent a bit strong and the fact that it contains fragrance and silicones might not be ideal for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, while it's less pricey than La Mer, it still requires a fair investment.

Effectiveness: A
Price: $$
All Natural Ingredients: No
Made in: France

The Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream is another great option. I experienced a noticeable firming and lifting of the skin, thanks to its unique formulation with organic Kangaroo Flower extract. It also includes an anti-pollution complex, making it ideal for those living in urban environments.


The product is vegan and free of parabens, sulphates and phthalates.


Despite these benefits, I felt it lacked in terms of deep hydration, so if you have dry skin, this might not be your first choice.

Effectiveness: A
Price: $$
All Natural Ingredients: No
Made in: USA

Drunk Elephant is a popular skincare brand that offers the A-Passioni Retinol Cream. This cream marries retinol with peptides, vitamin F, and other nourishing ingredients, providing a balanced approach to skin rejuvenation. It's a comprehensive treatment for those who don't mind a more rigorous skincare regimen.

It is also formulated without fragrance, silicones, and essential oils.

However, the intensity of this cream means it might not suit everyone. Some may experience dryness or irritation, especially those with sensitive skin.

Why I Chose DAYLI As My Number One Pick

While I recommended some great products, if you're looking to fade the appearance of wrinkles and tighten loose areas of skin with all natural ingredients and without the irritating side effects of Retinol, then DAYLI Bakuchiol Bliss Firming Cream is the go-to. 

The Before/After Skin Transformation Photos I've Received Are Remarkable

Although the results of any skincare product will vary, I continue to receive a stream of astonishing 'before and after' skin transformation photos from readers who've used the DAYLI Firming Cream. Below is a 30-day transformation from one of them:

Although I've also received some before/after photos from other products listed, the DAYLI Firming Cream results were the most impressive.

The Cream Is Formulated With Bakuchiol Instead Of Retinol

The use of Retinol in anti-aging creams is typical these days.


But, there are many problems with retinol that aren't talked about. Firstly it often causes dry and dehydrated skin. It also makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight and can only be applied at night.


The DAYLI Firming Cream really stands out because unlike the other products, it doesn't contain any Retinol. Instead, it uses an alternative plant-based ingredient called Bakuchiol, which is derived from the seeds of the Babchi plant. It works through the same receptors that retinol uses, but doesn't irritate the skin.

A clinical study showed that Bakuchiol and Retinol both significantly reduced wrinkles and hyperpigmentation but only Retinol users reported the side effect of skin dryness and stinging⁴.


This means the DAYLI Firming Cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and can be applied morning and evening.

The Cream Is Also Packed With A Potent Blend Of Australian Native Botanical Extracts That Help With Tightening The Skin While Fading Dark Spots

The DAYLI Firming Cream contains two other key ingredients derived from native Australian plants:

Flame Tree Extract (Brachychiton Acerifolius), which is native to the subtropical rainforests of Australia and Snake Vine Extract (Hibbertia Scandens), which is a climbing plant found in the coastal regions of Eastern Australia.

Both of these extracts contain bioactive compounds that work  together to increase the production of collagen fibres, leading to firmer and more supple skin.

The extracts also contain compounds that inhibit the production of melanin (which is the pigment responsible for dark spots). As the production of melanin slows down, this helps prevent the formation of new dark spots while supporting the fading of existing ones.

What’s even better is that the cream also includes Squalane, Glycerin and Shea Butter for deep and long-lasting hydration that doesn’t clog pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth and plump.

The Firming Cream is easy to add into your routine

Unlike other retinol based products which you can only wear at night, you can use the this cream every day in the morning and evening. 

Simply squeeze a small amount and gently massage into skin until absorbed.

It's suitable for all skin types and safe to use with other products in your routine.

The Firming Cream is Made in Australia, 100% natural, Vegan and doesn't contain any fragrance or other nasties

DAYLI is manufactured in Australia and doesn't use any fragrances, essential oils, dyes, artificial colours, silicones, parabens or sulphates.


All DAYLI products cruelty-free and vegan, meaning that they never test on animals and there is no ingredient derived from animals such as honey or lanolin.

It's Dermatologist Recommended

DAYLI products are backed by Anna Chacon, a Board Certified Dermatologist, who recommends the Bakuchiol Bliss Firming Cream to her clients as a natural and effective way to combat the signs of ageing.

*Special Offer Update*

I'm currently receiving a ton of enquires about discounts so I reached out to DAYLI and negotiated a special offer for our readers.


However, there's one small drawback... DAYLI has limited this offer to the first 400 orders. As of today the offer is still available but who knows when they will take it down.

The Offer details are:


Buy 1 Set: Get Free Shipping
Buy 2 Sets: Get 10% Off + Free Express Shipping
Buy 3 Sets: Get 25% Off + Free Express Shipping

It's worth noting that DAYLI have a 30 day money-back guarantee policy so if you're not satisfied for any reason just write an email to DAYLI customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions About DAYLI Starter Set

Below are some questions that our readers frequently ask me.

Is the Firming Cream suitable for all skin types?
Yes! The Firming Cream is suitable for all skin types, including mature and sensitive.

Does the Firming Cream contain fragrance or essential oil?
No, it doesn't contain fragrance or essential oil.

Is it vegan and cruelty-free?
Yes, the Firming Cream is vegan and cruelty free.

Is it made in Australia?
Yes, the Firming Cream is made in Australia.

How should I use the Firming Cream?
The Firming Cream can be used in the morning and in the evening. Simply squeeze a small amount and gently massage into skin until absorbed.

How long does shipping take and cost?
All orders are shipped for free from their Sydney warehouse. Depending on your location shipping takes 4 - 7 days.

Is there a guarantee?
Yes - DAYLI has a 30 day money-back guarantee policy so if you're not satisfied for any reason just write an email to DAYLI customer support.

Click here to access the limited offer now



1. Dhaliwal, S. et al. 2019.

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